Singing Lessons For All Ages

There’s nothing quite like the enjoyment that comes from singing along to your favourite song, and at The Windsors Music we can help you develop your voice through our singing lessons.

Whether you wish to simply improve your singing voice or work towards examinations, auditions and concert performances, our lessons will be tailored to your level and can cover various genres including classical, musical theatre and pop.

At The Windsors Music, we offer singing lessons in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire to people of any age and singing ability. Natalie also teaches from her home studio in Wirksworth, Matlock and will travel to students’ homes at their convenience.

Wirksworth, “The Gem Of The Peak”, is a beautiful part of the Derbyshire Dales with a thriving music and arts scene, and is very popular with visitors.

Singing lessons of all styles have one thing in common, and that is strengthening, getting to know the body through musical exercises. Learning and practising through lessons can form the basis for a healthy singing voice with good, blossoming technique that lasts a lifetime. A beautiful sounding singing voice also comes from being comfortable with yourself, happy and relaxed. Believing you are born to do it.

Our singing lessons are a natural choice to get used to singing in front of others, in a professionally supportive environment.

Musical Improvisation

Musical improvisation has many applications, in jazz and soul, opera, rock and pop ballads and church music. Natalie will guide students through the theory and help unlock their natural creativity, using games, echoes, soothing sounds, with deeper study for older students.

Students have found being more creative brings them confidence, freedom from being glued to sheet music, and is a gateway to writing their own songs.

The Singer Of The Future

Through many years of performing, Natalie has developed a structured programme for students to master many fundamental vocal styles of the modern era. Can you imagine singing dramatic opera, soothing jazz, and belting out songs from Frozen all in the same gig?

Students can learn to master the different vocal techniques that are the signature of many familiar styles we know and love, and how to switch between them with ease, with progressive training. Whether it’s belting in Pop and Broadway, crooning from the 1950s, or full on opera diva, let Natalie know what you really enjoy.


There’s arguably nothing better than singing out loud to your favourite songs, but have you ever considered taking singing lessons to help develop your voice and make you sound even better?

If you’ve noticed a singing talent in your child and would like to help them develop, you require support in preparing for exams or auditions, or you simply want to learn to sing better to improve your confidence, now is as good a time as any to book in with us.

We make all of our singing lessons fun and engaging, using our many years of musical experience to tailor lessons to suit you, your speed of learning, your ability and what you want to get out of it in the end.

Our singing lessons can be taken in your own home if that’s where you’d feel the most comfortable, (from Derby, Nottingham, North Staffs, to the Derbyshire Dales), or you can visit our studios if you wish. Online lessons are convenient for those living further away. They can also be useful if you’re in a rush or plans change, and Natalie happily teaches on Zoom, Skype and Facetime.

Professionals and Amateurs

As professional singers will know, the learning doesn’t stop once you get to Grade 8, join that band or company, and graduate from your degree. Early singing lessons are about developing good core technique, until it becomes automatic. Like riding a bike. Once singers are past this stage, lessons and coaching sessions are more about topping and tailing, going deeper into our professional practice, checking there’s no obvious errors or weird sounds before going on stage or to an audition. Checking we’re still in shape and feeling connected. Learning a trick or tip you’ve never come across before.

And also, a lot of it is reassurance. Singing alongside a fellow, supportive professional to give something an airing before it reaches a wider audience. Revising old techniques and understanding their significance. Discussing worries and stresses that may be weighing you down a little. At the top of the music profession, healing with the mind and emotions is perhaps the most significant thing you can do. It will transform your sound, your relationships, and hopefully your bank balance too!

Get In Touch

From singing lessons to musical improvisation, if you’d like to find out more about what we offer in Derbyshire, don’t hesitate to contact us here at The Windsor’s Music today.