Music has so many benefits, and singing is a very special, natural way of making music

Unique Learning

Natalie delivers music as therapy in Derbyshire, North Staffordshire, and Nottingham. This covers a wide range of clients and services can be tailored to your requirements. Students who are on the autistic spectrum often show great promise in music, and they just need a different way of learning. Students may enjoy giving performances in their local community, having fun with friends and family, or gaining qualifications.

One to One, Care Homes and Daycare Sessions

If you would like Natalie to come and deliver a session in a care home or daycare centre, you can contact us via this website. A light concert, quizzes, and reminiscence, relaxation and movement, and work with instruments are all popular options.

Other students may simply benefit from the calming sensory environment of singing and playing the piano together, similar to a daycare session but more one to one. Clients respond well to singing with hand signs, relaxing music, and fun rhythms.

Relaxed Classical

Studying classical singing involves years of concentration and picking up different skills. Natalie teaches students to sing to a professional standard, yet without being too strict or pushing. Advice is available for practising relaxation, managing any concerns or stress, finding work and figuring out self employment.

Some singing students enjoy a more flexible way of learning that is sensitive to things like dyslexia and ADHD, mind and emotions, so they can master singing, performance and exams in a way that suits them.

Spiritual Healing and Counselling

Natalie works as a spiritual healer and counsellor. These sessions are a separate service from singing lessons and musical therapy, (bookable on however students may benefit from Natalie’s understanding and tips throughout music sessions, and help working through and stress related to learning. Singing is naturally relaxing and uplifting, and the exercises are very meditative.

Sound Healing

Through practising spiritual healing, Natalie has explored how there is healing to be found in classical singing exercises, and how there is healing in all styles of music. Singing is a great way to get into meditation. It helps you clear the mind and emotions, and relax with a gentle focus. If you would like to book a sound healing session, you can do so via this website.

Get In Touch

If you’d like to find out more about our music therapy and counselling sessions, as well as sound therapy, get in touch with us here at The Windsors Music today.